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Understanding Common SSL/TLS Misconfigurations

Hacking with Git: Git-Shell Proof of Concept

Hacking with Git: Git-Enum metasploit module release

Near, phar, dangerous Unserialization wherever you are


ExploitDev: WooCommerce php object injection

Advisories and Acknowledgements


ChunkyTuna - A Web Shell Evolved

Hacking with Git: Git-Fingerprint tool release

Hacking with Git: The Video & Slides

Decrypting Mole02 Part Two - Universal Decryption Tool

BSides Glasgow CTF

[tool release] BurpExtenderForge

SSRS Attacks Part 2 - Building an Empire

SSRS Attacks Part 1 - Dynamic Data Extraction

In (zero) days gone by - Part 1 - Magento Unauthenticated SQLi (CVE-2011-4781)

A bit about Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)

Uploading files to RDP, VNC, or anywhere you can type

Setting Service Principal Names to roast accounts

Posted on 8th July 2018 by Secarma